Jun. 2nd, 2014

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Far Cry 3 is another entry in the FC series. As usual, the relation to the previous games is solely in the engine and impressive scope of the game. In this installment, you are a 20-something dude taking an adventure holiday with your brothers and friends in the South Pacific. You all stumble onto an island full of pirates and drug trafficers, whereupon you are all captured and separated. You manage to escape at the cost of your elder brother's life and fall in with the local natives. You are granted a tattoo of power which gives you the skills of a warrior, and set forth to seek your friends and your vengeance.

You can approach this game with guns blazing, but it rewards stealth. Some of the skills you can pick up build up some impressive stealth takedowns, and completing some missions without detection provides bonus XP. You buy and enhance a wide array of weaponry, gather animal hides to increase your ammo and carrying capacity, and harvest plants to make boosts. There are assorted vehicles to drive, animals to hunt, and enemy bases to overthrow. It's a big game with a decent plot. I enjoyed it.

FC3: Blood Dragon is an additional story using the same game engine. The look and feel are very different, though the moves are clearly similar. It's a smaller story over all. The conceit in this game is that you are a cybercommando straight out of a cheeseball 80s film. Everything is pure 80s drivel right up the wazoo. It is very well done, and completely hysterical. Awesome game.
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[livejournal.com profile] aelfie and I watched Star Trek Into Darkness this weekend. Sensitized by the various Cracked notes on the dualities between the first reboot and Star Wars, we were ready to see all of TV Tropes fed into the blender for this one. We were not disappointed. I will now take my inspiration from the style of Andrew Borntreger at Badmovies.org and jot down some random notes.

Oh, yeah, there are going to be spoilers here )


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