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[ profile] labelleizzy posted a meme wherein they were asked to write about six of their userpics. There's some more stuff about propagation, but since it's taken me a month and a half to get to this, I don't think I'll do that. I'll just say life has been full for a while.

The selected icons are:

Booga, M&M, Racicot, CG piercing, Speed Racer X (because I didn't watch
it much, I suspect there's a joke there I lack the referent for)

My math degree means I can't do arithmetic, so I may be mistaken. That looks like five, so I'm going to take the sixth as a wild card of my own choosing.

"Booga" was one of my initial three icons. I just thought I looked particularly bug-eyed in that picture.

"M&M" was done with a "make yourself an M&M" app from aobut 10 years ago. I still had a goatee at that time.

"Racicot" is a picture of actor Jodi Racicot. He played Zarkov in the SciFi channel Flash Gordon about 10 years ago. He's a handsome man. He's also in the "Zarkov gun" icon.

"CG piercing" is one of the many Chez Geek icons. I use this one whenever I'm talking about piercings, naturally.

"Speed Racer X" is one of my animated pop culture obscurities. It combines the Speed Racer canonical story that Racer X is actually Speed's older brother who left home long ago with a made up "and he disappeared in a plane crash at sea". I added this so I could throw in the scene of the dude sitting on the plane from "Lost". This is justified by Racer X in the movie and the dude from Lost being the same actor.

And for the wild card...I love the opportunity to explain any of my animated icons. They're each amusing to me somehow, and I put in a bit of work on them. I hope most of them are eventually self-explanatory, such as "Earworms Fry Betazoids", "IGtBtJ", and "Iago-NS". One other stands out as multi-referent though-

"It's Not Lupin" fuses three three different sources via the connection of actor roles (the standard pop culture linkage - see Obi-Wan/Lady Gaga). Here, the primary source is the live-action 101 Dalmatians, which featured Hugh Laurie and Mark Williams [*snerk* had a co-worker by the name back at Silicon Spice] as Jasper and Horace. Mark Williams was Mr. Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, while Hugh Laurie was House, M.D., whose catchphrase was "It's not lupus." And Remus Lupin is the 3rd year Dark Arts teacher in HP. I expect this is terribly over-explaining the references, but there you go.
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Score! Zarkov goes back to Mongo this time. He ends up attired as a Dactyl, one of the Mongo tribes we've encountered already. The old-school Flash would call them Hawkmen, but in this variant they're just leather fetishists with flying squirrel gliding capes. They wander around bare-chested wearing hide vests, pants, and the flying capes.

Just so you don't miss out on the implication: bare-chested Zarkov! DNS.
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The Clip Show: Blah, blah, blah, our story so far, for those joining us late, etc.

In spite of that, there's just enough Zarkov to keep me happy. The appearance of the BFG in the icon and his use of it to save the multiverse help make up for the abbreviated clip show plot.

Fortunately I checked the paper and realized there was a new episode tonight. I thought there were only 13 episodes, but there are now at least 14. [ profile] aelfie suggested they might have stockpiled some extras against the writer's strike.

Heh. Bonus Zarkov. I can work with that.
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Just for completeness sake, since I've already blithered about 2/3rds of the season previously.

I know I'm not the only one behind, so here's some spoiler protection )
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[Yes, I'm phenomenally behind. Having cleared this episode from the VHS, we now have room to finish the season even if we don't watch any more in the next two weeks. We don't truck with these modern DVR whatsits.]

Aaaaaand, we're done! Self-reference as "Hans Zarkov" -- check. With bonus events, addressed to his face as Dr. Zarkov, and a self-introduction as "Zarkov". I think that pretty much wraps up any remaining mystery about this dude's name.

My original prediction: "Hans" in Episode 5
Actual result: "Hans" in Episode 8

In this episode, we learn that Zarkov can seriously pack away the lembas wafersMongo honey cakes. My kind of nerd.
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The Big Payoff! We're almost done now. In the first few minutes of this episode, Flash addresses Zarkov directly by name. Shortly after this, Flash introduces him to someone as "Dr. Zarkov." Whoa, now, he's a "Doctor?" When did this happen? That's a bit much just to spring on us without warning, don't you think?

As an extra bonus, Zarkov finally goes to Mongo, so he's drinking up character points through the fire-hose. Maybe he can buy off a few disads when this wraps up. I'm betting on more advantages though.

The only thing left now is a first name. We'll see if they remember to include it before the end of the season. We've only known Flash's real first name since the pilot. Idiot scriptwriters.
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I'm really beginning to suspect that the scriptwriter(s) are doing this on purpose, rather than just being sloppy. In this episode, Zarkov is used as the subject of a sentence - while he's 3 feet away from the speaker. "Hello, I'm right here!" His name shows up a time or two in addition to this, but still no direct address to his face. I suppose I should track the other characters names for fairness, but, bah, who cares about them.

Here is a spoiler for a joke and subplot. Move along if you prefer to watch on your own. )

Brilliant, bespectacled, really hot, subtle nerdy sense of humor, and knows how to handle a BFG. *drool*
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In this episode of Flash Gordon, Zarkov gets 10-15 seconds of screen time. Bastards. On the plus side, Flash actually addresses him by name. No, not to his face, of course, over the cell phone. But we are creeping ever closer.

Another good thing: I found this great shot of Zarkov with a BFG to iconify. I'll just go patch up the previous posts now.

"We need to get bigger guns. BIG F***ING GUNS!" - Dick Durkin, Split Second
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We have a winner! (Yes, I know episode 6 was on Friday. We're a bit behind because Doctor Who takes priority over Flash Gordon. I'm not about to get between [ profile] aelfie and Tennant. Though that is an interesting idea...) I heard the name "Zarkov" used 4-5 times in one five minute segment near the end of the episode. It was unmistakably used to refer to The Mystery Nerd.

Not that anyone actually used his name to address him, of course. Let's not go completely wild about this.
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[ profile] aelfie and I watched the third episode of Flash Gordon tonight. Thanks to SciFi skipping a week, we're now caught up. So, that's three episodes, 3.5 hours less commercials, and the best we've gotten for 1 of 4 primary characters is a tossed-off side reference to something called a "Zarkov" when he wasn't there. No true indication that it matches one of the characters, no actual use of his name in his presence, not even any mention of his academic standing or achievements. He's just some creepy nerd-boy that they pepper with science questions and refer to via pronouns.

This is starting to really annoy me. Not that you might have noticed. The other three main characters all got their names used: Flash, Dale, Balin (...OK, Baylin according to IMDB).

On the plus side, there was actually a title/intro sequence this week. No theme song thought, especially no Queen music. Bah.
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Since our TV watching tends to be delayed by 1-2 weeks, [ profile] aelfie and I just finished the second episode of the new Flash Gordon on SciFi. She's not familiar with the mythology at all, while I know the movie and I've seen a serial episode or two. They're doing the now standard SciFi channel revisionist thing, but so far we're enjoying it. I have one small complaint, however.

I watched intently through the whole first episode, and then about 40 minutes of the second. Finally, we learned the name of the science geek that Flash and Dale are running about with. It's Zarkov.

To which, of course, I say "Duhr!" I knew that's who he is from the first instant he appeared in the pilot episode. And Flash and Dale found out who he is halfway through that episode when they looked him up on the internet via his college records. But can anyone be bothered to address him by his own name? Noooo, that would be too much trouble. I'm still waiting to see if anyone remembers that they should mention his first name. I'm guessing about episode 5 at this rate.

This looks like sloppy scriptwriting to me. Actually, I'm guessing the original pilot was a two-hour movie and got tightened up somewhere. "Hey, do we need to keep this scene with the nerd's name?" "Nah, no one cares about him." Well I do, and I am offended. Idiots, who do you think your core audience is?

Oh, I lied; I have another complaint. Where's the theme music? They play the Queen song during the promos for the show, but there's no theme music at all. I want to hear the Queen theme, dammit! That's bait and switch. Don't make me come over there and sort you out.


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