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Full title, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. I played TES II: Daggerfall a while, and I downloaded TES I: Arena a year or two ago. I even played Redguard. This is the first game in the entire series that I've finished.

The oldest save game I have is a character Ron drew up after a New Year's Eve celebration. Its datestamp is 5am, 1/1/2003. This jogged my memory that I got this game for Christmas the year that it came out, 2002. It took a little while to work through.

It's eight years old, but I'm still discussing some spoilery stuff )
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Let's compare and contrast a couple of news items from yesterday:

Mine accident in West Virginia leaves a bunch of miners dead and others trapped

Over a hundred miners rescued after being trapped for a week in China

(I'll grant that there are some nuances here. A few of the Chinese miners did die, and it's early in the rescue efforts in W.V. Still, not an impressive combo to have the articles on consecutive pages of the paper.)

Well, that's just an isolated instance. We're still the U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! After all:

The next country to send people to the moon will be ... China.

The most complicated machine ever made, which will cram the most energy into the smallest space, sits securely in ... France and Switzerland?!?

The U.S. education system is surpassed only by .. well, by everyone except maybe Zimbabwe. And I wouldn't bet on that here in California.

The World's Richest Person lives in ... Mexico.

My friend Ron has said for some time that he doesn't want to live in a Third World country.

Too late.

[At least, like a wise Civ player, we invested all of our tech tree advances into weaponry. We can still kill everyone who looks at us cross-eyed.]
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My friend Ron (who has his own tag here) bought a house and just got access to it this week. He invited a bunch of people over this weekend to help do demo on walls and things. He said, it's a bit of a fixer-upper. We haven't seen him in a while1, and I was glad to help out.

I took my work gloves and arrived as the fourth person on site. They were making a good job of wiping out the two walls separating what was probably the dining room from the living room and main hallway. I worked on removing a couple of cabinets and some shelves from the corners. The room was Pepto-Bismol Pink, so I understand why it had to go.

I made a run to OSH, where I realized that my nifty yellow vest jacket isn't the best choice to wear into an OSH. Just as I figured this out, someone tried to ask me for directions. Yup, different attire next time.

Upon my return, it was time to wipe out another wall. We had about 10 people present by this point. I may not have gotten to TKD today, but I did get to practice a few techniques on the wall. Four guys beating a wall down with their hands and feet. Testosterocity! We used the prybars to take down the 2x4s.

Half of the folks left for a run to the dump, while the rest of us worked on the shed in the back. I should explain a bit more at this point. This "shed" was two stories and wired for electricity. Three different sets of neighbors talked with us during this time: one set of next-door neighbors brought fresh chocolate-chip cookies and another talked over the back fence when they saw the roof of the shed come off: "The shed is going! Hooray!" Rumors suggested that up to five families were living on the property previously, between the main house, the shed, and the garage (also wired and with a toilet). Ut.

The shed demo had already had a couple of hours of work when I joined in. The interior was gutted, so we were down to removing the roof and knocking it down in a somewhat controlled manner. I climbed up to the second floor with Ron briefly, but the oscillations led him to suggest I reverse this idea: "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd rather you weren't up here. If I get you killed, my other friends will never stop talking about it." Fair enough.

Then about 20 minutes later he invited me back up. I noted that I didn't think it had become more stable in the interim. "I'm rebalancing the trade-off between safety and getting this done." Heh, works for me. He needed a third person to help him and another fellow lift up enough of the roof that we could all stand up and get at the rest. Then we spent a while disassembling the second floor walls, while we were on the second floor. We are not OSHA approved.

We finally reached the point where the majority of the roof was loose and ready to come down. It looked to me and Ron that it would take the whole structure with it, so we all got down. Turns out that the blasted thing was much more sturdy, so the roof slid down but the other walls stayed. We spent another 20 minutes convincing the thing to come down. We only banged into one neighbor's garage in the process. I hope it wasn't the cookie folks.

My time was up, so I headed home. I'll be feeling the exertions tomorrow.

1He has a girlfriend now. We first learned about her back in March. He turned down our Christmas invite because they're going to Alaska to meet his parents. Might just be serious.
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After nigh-endless delays, today was the Day of Shed. A mere four months after we got it, we finally completed the prerequisites for assembling the plastic shed kit. The exterior of the house looks much, much better than before. Since the exterior work needed access to all of the outside of the house, we couldn't set up the shed until it was done. That completion occurred this week. Yee-haw!

Assembling a shed requires two people, plus at least one more to wrangle kids. I enlisted the aid of Ron, who we have officially associated with the Mr. Reliable card in Chez Geek. Perhaps someone reading this might not know who Ron is; it should be sufficient to say that Ron is a Real Friend, in the full Jeremy Piven in Grosse Pointe Blank sense of the term. We put together the shed with a bit of help from Ike, then we filled it up with crap from the garage. That was easily the more involved portion of the afternoon. Now we have -- Less Crap in the Garage! Woo-hoo!

It is not impossible to imagine that after some sorting and rerouting to the dump, Goodwill, Freecycle, or Craig's List (yeah, I'm certain that's not spelled in the official manner, bite me) that [ profile] aelfie will actually be able to park the minivan in the garage. Oh, and bike hooks, and maybe some work on the garage door opener. But still, it could happen.

After all of the fun with the shed, I ran the push-mower over the front lawn for the first time in 4-5 months. I also edged it, which made a greater improvement in its appearance. It will take a few consistent weekly runs with the mower before the lawn looks tamed. Then perhaps I can figure out what to do with the weeds, crabgrass, and who knows what else. Have to start somewhere though. And when I was done with the lawn equipment, I put it all in The Shed!

Have I mentioned that we have a shed now? It's keen!
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Thursday night, we loaded up all of the kids in the van and set off to pick up a Freecycled toddler bed. They were all short on naps, so we hoped they would fall asleep during the drive. Joker, Joker, and a Triple! Ding! Ding! Ding! We managed not to fumble the transfer from the car to their beds, so [ profile] aelfie and I found ourselves with all three kids out at 8pm. Woo-hoo!

I returned from a visit to the head to discover that Ron was on his way over. He'd called and asked if we were up for some hot tub time tonight. Jen told him to come on by. Well, I could deal with that, though it put a crimp in the funtastic four hour Playstation fest I'd envisioned. After Ron arrived, we watched some Mr. Deity videos until about the time the tub should be warmed up properly.

It was drizzling lightly, so the combo with the hot tub was interesting. After about a half-hour, Jen was done and headed in. She set up the monitor inside, leaving Ron and me free to turn up the jets and relax in the tub.

[Wakka-chicka, bow-wow....] Erm, no, definitely not with Ron. Funny though.

Instead, we started chatting on random nerdly things as we've done for the past 20 years. (Ut.) I don't recall the chain that got there, but he asked me what is a Higgs boson. Any question about particle physics is good for a 30 decibel increase in my volume due to excitement, and we were already talking over the hot tub jets at max. I should note that this was ~10:30 at night.

Eventually, the jets timed out (or our neighbor used telekinesis), and this voice rang out from the house behind us: "You're talking very loudly and making it impossible to sleep." Whoops! Not everyone enjoys a field theory lecture after 10. Who knew? I apologized and we toned it down a lot.
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OK, so it wasn't a closet, it was an elevator. And it wasn't Vanna White, but my friend Alan instead. I was still trapped, trapped I tell you, for nearly a half-hour. Oh, the pain, the pain...

In which the Universe decides to ROTFLIAO )
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The big move to the new house took place on Tuesday, and I went back to work the next day. Yesterday, four of my college friends (Ron, Kirk, Mark, and Bob) came over bearing tools and attacked the office and garage. By the end of the day we had five bookshelves attached to the walls with earthquake straps, support tracks for wall shelves over my computer desk, a storage cabinet mounted over the laundry, and a pantry built and set up in the garage. While the twins were awake, we shuffled a bit of furniture in the master bedroom and nursery. And we made a run to the old house to clean out the remainder of the stuff there left over because the mover's truck filled up before we were done. These guys rock!

While all of this was happening, [ profile] aelfie had help from her mom, her grandmother, and her friend Michele (who happens to be married to Mark, so it was convenient) came over to help chase kids around the house and sort out other areas as time permitted. They also rock.

I packed up all of my computer equipment and moved it myself, because I am a total paranoid. Everything, that is, except...(wait for it)...the power strip. So I spent the last 5 days searching everywhere and every box trying to find it. Finally, when Jen insisted today that I go buy a new one, I did what I should have some time ago: I just made do with other power strips. Bah. I could claim that I was distracted and tired, but Jen would call me on it. In reality, I'm just really mule-headed about some things. OK, too many things.

So I have Net access from home again since the computers are set up. It was probably a good thing that they weren't up yesterday, as the space was necessary for all of the work. Lemons, lemonade, whatever.


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