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We took the kids to the library today and let them pick out a movie. I also picked out a couple of things to watch since I am on vacation this week. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, with bonus features lasting twice as long as the thing itself was an easy pick. I wandered the shelves looking for something from my I Must Watch This Someday list that grabbed me. And there in the T's, the clear choice appeared.

The plot is, well, silly. The original TRON's plot was silly. That's not the point of TRON. So let's move on to other factors.

Subtle references to original movie - check. Since I watched the original recently, I picked up many of the allusions. Nicely done here.
Too much orange and teal - check. They were everywhere. Curse Cracked for pointing out that every movie is all orange and teal.
Toyetic video gaming sequences - check, check, and check. Between the new light cycles, light gunships, and two-fisted disk battles, I expect the video games coming off this incarnation to be pleasant. Since this is the real reason TRON ruled, this is a critical component.

I'm disgusted that it took nearly two years until I got around to seeing this, but it was OK. The original remains a classic, though. Hmm, I see they're planning another sequel, plus there's the TRON: Uprising TV show currently running. I guess they're still making money off of the idea.
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Ralph Bakshi's Wizards played once in the lounge back in college. It was one of those movies where I was reading comic books and only looked up once in a while. I figured I ought to see the whole thing some day, so I borrowed a copy from someone 3-4 years ago. I like to get right on these things, you see.

Everyone else in the house turned in early tonight, so it seemed a good time to finally watch it. Overall, this is clearly a warm-up for Bakshi's Lord of the Rings, which came out only a year later. Too many elements of both the art and plot may be mapped directly to LotR. I like Bakshi's stuff, but you'd probably need to be a fan to sit through this.

I noted with amusement the Load-Bearing Boss. Then during the credits, the presence of a "Mark Hamil". IMDB verifies that it is some guy named Mark Hamill with a misspelled credit. If only that poor actor had had another film out the same year (1977) with his name spelled correctly, maybe his career would have passed beyond voice work.

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This is my first full weekend off from work since Labor Day, so I enjoyed spending time with the kids and Jen. I have polished off various entertainments in the past month or so, though.

White Knight
I'm rather behind on the Dresden Files, so I figured I ought to fit in at least one to try and catch up. If you don't read the Dresden Files, you should. If you do, you're probably way ahead of me. This is around #10, and I think it's up to #14-15.

A Distant Soil, Vols. 1-3
Picked up from the used bookstore. Of course, there are four volumes. (Last one is on order from Amazon.) Brother and sister psis bust out of the government institution in which they were held, meet aliens, an Arthurian knight, and other assorted weirdos, battle to Save The Earth (and Galaxy). Originally started ~25 years, so everyone is sporting '80s hair. Very good stuff.

Star Trek
I finally saw the movie from two years ago. I liked it. If you haven't seen it by now, what is wrong with you?!? (OK, kids are an acceptable excuse.)

Cowboys and Aliens
[ profile] aelfie and I went on a date to the movie theater and watched this film. Very silly, just what we were looking for.

Jak II
PS2 game I've been working on for probably seven years. I had a long hiatus where I was stuck on a racing section. Ike is playing the original Jak and Daxter now, which is a good E-rated platformer. This second game is a GTA3-type sandbox game. It is not a kid's game. I'm on to Jak III, now, and I picked up the fourth game at Fry's last night, just to be ready.

What if a bunch of the Marvel superheroes were reimagined as running around in Elizabethan England and the rest of Europe? Wouldn't that be totally rad? "Ha, yes, vaguely amusing," I imagine you smirking. Now what if I followed that statement with two words -- Neil Gaiman? "---" Yeah, that wiped the smirk right off your face, didn't it? If you like Marvel or Gaiman or just cool graphic novels, read this.
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It's been a couple of years since the last movie theater expedition, so I tried again this weekend. [ profile] aelfie stayed home with Gray, who was napping, while I took Ike, Elli, and Gwen to see Cars 2.

The experiment was a success. They were well-behaved and enjoyed the movie. I missed a bit in the middle due to bathroom breaks. Note for next time -- do not send all of the kids to the potty before we leave home. Make them go right before we walk into theater itself. The girls got a little fidgety at the very end, but I attribute that to them missing their afternoon snack. I refused to buy them theater food, so they were peckish by the end. (Instead, I got them each a Mrs. Field's cookie in the food court on the way to the car.)

As to the movie itself, was it any good?

1) Pixar
2) Speed Racer-esque spy shenanigans
3) "Oprah, Uma. Uma, Oprah." -- No, it never gets old.
4) Bruce Campbell

It was great. QED.
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I've been too busy at work lately to write up anything, but it's a holiday weekend now. Some movies I've seen recently:

Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Jen and I saw this at the beginning of the month. We enjoyed it. It's a Kevin Smith movie, after all. I wouldn't rate it one of his best, but it was an enjoyable diversion. Do be forewarned that you will see more of Jason Mewes than you probably ever wanted. Way more. Superman and the Mac dude are hysterical.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
We took the kids to the movie theater last Sunday to see this. It was an experiment to see how they handled it. We figured it was a good choice since Madagascar is one of their favorite movies. Ike was entranced and well-behaved. The girls got bored 1/2 to 2/3 through and wanted to get up and dance or run around. Not an experiment to try with them again for another couple of years. Ike is cleared for movies though.
The movie itself (what I saw of it) was fine. Maybe not enough King Julien for my taste.

Kung-Fu Panda
Jen picked up the DVD a couple of weeks ago. Ike and I watched it this evening. I've watched enough martial arts movies that I didn't need to worry about the plot that much. I enjoyed listening for the voices and watching the wuxia action scenes. I'd happily watch it again. (Oh, and I will, I'm certain...)

I didn't realize until the end credits that Mantis was Seth Rogan, which closes the circle. Of course, in looking at his IMDB page I was reminded that he's playing The Green Hornet in the upcoming movie. Hey, who's playing Kato? Stephen Chow! Wait, is it the correct Stephen Chow? Yes, Fight Back to School and God of Gamblers II & III. Score.
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Thwarted in my previous attempt to see Donnie Darko by an unwatchable VHS from the library, I tried again with a DVD from a different branch. This attempt went more smoothly.

Spoilers ahoy. Avoid if 'Evil Dead Harvey' means nothing to you. )


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