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In between the various attempts to destroy the Earth while dodging time-travelers and vicious avians, CERN does a few useful things with itself.

Containment system traps anti-hydrogen at CERN

Go ahead and click onward to the last picture in the slide-show. "Octupole" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Inventor of the Pushbutton.
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Time to get the lead out:

LHC ready to smash some lead atoms

Dr. Evans gets the award for most creep-tastic science article photo of the week. You can just tell he has the whole place wired with time-traveler detection systems.
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Let's compare and contrast a couple of news items from yesterday:

Mine accident in West Virginia leaves a bunch of miners dead and others trapped

Over a hundred miners rescued after being trapped for a week in China

(I'll grant that there are some nuances here. A few of the Chinese miners did die, and it's early in the rescue efforts in W.V. Still, not an impressive combo to have the articles on consecutive pages of the paper.)

Well, that's just an isolated instance. We're still the U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! After all:

The next country to send people to the moon will be ... China.

The most complicated machine ever made, which will cram the most energy into the smallest space, sits securely in ... France and Switzerland?!?

The U.S. education system is surpassed only by .. well, by everyone except maybe Zimbabwe. And I wouldn't bet on that here in California.

The World's Richest Person lives in ... Mexico.

My friend Ron has said for some time that he doesn't want to live in a Third World country.

Too late.

[At least, like a wise Civ player, we invested all of our tech tree advances into weaponry. We can still kill everyone who looks at us cross-eyed.]
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It's hard to wish for the good ol' 1 GeV BPNA when this is now the standard:

LHC running at 7 TeV

Remember, if you can read this, you haven't been sucked into a black hole. Do not panic.
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When last we left the beleaguered LHC, it was disabled by a bird with a baguette. Apparently this was only a ploy to distract everyone from the true Time Patrol sabotage technique -- sneaking back into the blueprints and injecting flaws!

LHC Update: Universe Safe till 2013

It's news like this that makes me think that bailing on Particle Physics might not necessarily have been a disastrous decision.
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In case you're worried about the LHC --

The latest attempt to fire it up to full power will start any day now

If you note the caption to the picture, I'm referring to "Compact Muon Solenoid" as the Dave Barry-esque phrase.
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There's a theory working around the net that the Big Ass Particle Accelerator in Europe, the LHC, will never succeed in running because it would destroy the Earth/Universe, so the Universe, the Time Patrol, Dr. Who, or $(your favorite Star Trek captain) is sabotaging it to save us all.

It's getting harder to discount this theory with the news that it was taken out most recently by a bird with a baguette.

Oh, and apropos of nothing, here's Princess Leia and Princess Leia sunbathing in the The Gold Bikini (for the other two people on the planet who may not yet have seen it).


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