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Last night, the kids were asleep early enough, and IT nonsense prevented me from doing any job stuff, so [ profile] aelfie and I did our homework. We sat down and worked through our sample ballots to figure out for whom and what we would each vote.

Two pages, front and back. There are entirely too many state and local propositions. Let's see, bonds, bonds, bonds, bonds, bzzzzt. No on 8, duh. We pondered Prop. 9 for a few minutes, but then I noticed it's the Henry T. Nicholas III "I'm in a bad mood" prop. Bzzzt! Prop. 7 just confuses the hell out of us. We must research it further. (If anyone has some good resources to sort out the pro/con, I'd appreciate it.)

We decided to go with a suggestion Jen received to vote against all state incumbents because they're obviously a pack of useless idiots who can't pass the budget. Works for me. The NRA gave my local U.S. rep an 'F', so he's out. (Of course, they gave every U.S. rep in the Bay Area an F, but that's no surprise. Bloody liberal weenie state.)

For the local issues, we decided that building a fire station in the already-too-small parking lot of a park is an invitation to run over children. Since Jen takes the kids to that park on occasion, this matters to us. Bzzzt! BART to San Jose sales tax increase? Hell, yeah! See, I hate bonds and will never vote for them. If you just present your case up front and say, "Hey, we have to charge you more money for this," then I'll likely agree.

Now it's just on to Tuesday and my overly credulous confidence in the electronic voting machines! (Which produce a user-verifiable paper record in my area.) Jen is less trusting, so she has an absentee ballot.

[For reference, we usually aren't in sync so much on our votes, but the Libertarians only candidate is for President. Barr? I don't think so.]
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the things that matter.

A friend gave me the mug version of that shirt several years back. I shall hoist it tonight in honor of my company's ex-CEO, who clearly has a similar philosophy.

My only issue with this is: If you're going to go to the trouble of building a Secret Underground Evil Lair, can't you come up with something better to do with it? "Hookers and Blow" is so pedestrian! You'll never get James Bond to destroy it that way.


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