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Yes, once again, it's hot dog time (3 days ago). And yet again, Joey Chestnut is triumphant.
And engaged.

I know you were all a-tingle with suspense.
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As I've been chronicling here for the last six years, Joey Chestnut, the human Homer Simpson, has been winning the Nathan's Hot Dog contest. The former record was six consecutive wins by Takeru Kobayashi. Chestnut tied that record last year.

And now, like some omnivorous Dennis Connor, our national pride is finally restored as Chestnut wins his seventh consecutive Nathan's Hot Dog contest.

I know I'll sleep better tonight.
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I can't believe I missed last year's hot dog results. Saw the news story on TV today and remembered good ole Joey Chestnut. This year is the sixth in a row for which he has won the Nathan's hot dog contest. This ties Kobayashi's immediately prior achievement.

A win next year will of course invite endless Star Trek jokes.
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And then it gets weird.

As he has for the previous three years, local competitive eater Joey Chestnut has won the Nathan's hot dog eating contest. He now has four consecutive victories under his belt. However, the usual runner-up, six-time consecutive champion Takeru Kobayashi, did not compete this year. He had some sort of contract dispute with Major League Eating (they have a league?!?) and didn't participate.

Then, after the contest, Kobayashi jumped up on the stage and got himself arrested.
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Joey Chestnut has won his third Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Campionship. He's now half way to matching runner up Takeru Kobayashi's record of six consecutive victories -- the streak ended by Chestnut's first win. I'll be here to continue these annual updates just as long as this nonsense continues.
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As a follow-up to my reference last year, local glutton Joey Chestnut retains the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship. With extra excitement due to needing the tie-breaker round to determine the winner.
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All hail local (San Jose State) grad turkey Joey Chestnut, who today won the Nathan's hot dog contest, established a new personal and world's record, and finally defeated six-time champion and arch-rival Takeru Kobayashi. Our long national nightmare of not having an American hold the Nathan's championship is over.

(It's the 4th of July. I can indulge in a bit of pointlessly jingoistic nationalism for a minute.)

If Joey Chestnut is not invited to The Simpsons Movie premier, a great injustice will have been perpetrated.

[Jen and I watched the last 8.5 minutes of the 12-minute contest on ESPN. We were expecting John Cleese to show up at the end with a mint.]


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