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It's been a while since we had a good book-banning story make the rounds. And here, from the fine state of North Carolina where my parents and sister live, we have a great one!

School board bans Invisible Man from high school library

OK, a mother spent 12 pages detailing her objections to the book. Why is this anyone else's problem? Parent your own child and keep your nose out of everyone else's business. It is not your job to enforce your standards on everyone else.

Just to be civil, I didn't use the BTTH or Justifiable Homicide icons here. But I think this choice makes my opinion pretty clear.
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Three weeks ago, a Florida library system pulled all copies of Fifty Shades of Grey. Those of you who chose "22 days before they fold like cheap suit" may collect your prize.
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Kindergarteners shouldn't have naked cowboy pics

So says the school board in Whatnotville, PA (Annville-Cleona). And though the title, The Dirty Cowboy, may cause fear that someone slipped a copy of Brokeback Mountain into the children's library, it is only a funny picture book about a Pigpen-oid cowboy who takes a bath. Sounds like it's a good read.

I grant a lot of points for the folks involved because they followed a procedure with appeals, rather than just yank the book off the shelves and hide it. But I also think people need to both get a life and stop making other people's parenting decisions. Butt out, ninnies.
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Found on Fark:

Fifty Shades of Grey removed from Florida library

Smell the hypocrisy:

Copies of “The Complete Kama Sutra” are available through the Cocoa Beach, Mims/Scottsmoor, Palm Bay and Titusville branches. Also up for grabs countywide: “Fanny Hill,” “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” “Fear of Flying,” “Tropic of Cancer” and “Lolita.”

So what makes “Fifty Shades of Grey” different?

“I think because those other books were written years ago and became classics because of the quality of the writing,” Schweinsberg said. “This is not a classic.”

Be sure to follow the article link for the bonus Hot Librarian sidebar photo.
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In a follow-up to yesterday's Twain tomfoolery, the Librarian of the Year shares her opinion of editing Huckleberry Finn to protect the easily offended masses.

LotY invites Twain mutilators to kiss her ass

I may have summarized her remarks a bit liberally.
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To protect the delicate flowers of today, a little judicious editing is required:

Huckleberry Finn, the Walmart cut

Makes me want to beat someone with Letters from the Earth.
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Sometimes the news is good. Sometimes it's not so good.

Library bans book of coming out stories because it is "child pornography"

Hey, bonus Glenn Beck mention! (Sure, I'll take this with a grain of salt given the source.)
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And sometimes, the system just works.

Mom freaks out over manga teen son gets from the library. Town council says, "Yeah, that was over on the other side of the library, on the top shelf, in the adult collection. Perhaps you should try parenting for a change."
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Mother so offended by books that she keeps them for two years, ignoring all of the fines and notices.

Library: Hey, we've got plenty more copies where they came from.

Mom: Then I'll check them out, too, to save the children. --- Hey, why doesn't my library card work anymore?

Library: pwned, bitch.

More details, if you want them

This almost got the Justifiable Homicide icon just for this bit:

That's not good enough for Harden, who said that as a taxpayer she should have a say in which books land on the libraries' shelves. "They're supposed to be public servants," she said.

Lady needs her Civics grade revoked, and her high school diploma with it.
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I must admit, I read the original bowdlerized version when I was in school. I don't know if I could handle the restored racy bits.

Diary of a Young Girl pulled from school curriculum for "Vagina" reference

[Thank goodness Helen Keller didn't see this.]
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Smutty book banned in SoCal school district.

It's the dictionary

I'm reminded of the time in fifth grade when I looked up the word that my tormentors used upon me repeatedly:

"See it's right here -- faggot, 'a bundle of sticks'. So you're clearly just a bunch of gibbering idiots." Might have worked if the teacher hadn't stormed over immediately and denounced me: "We don't use that sort of language in our class. I don't want to hear you using that word again!" Nice job, Authority Figure. Completely undercut my argument.

[For those keeping track, this is Reason #N why Sioux City will someday be purged with the cleansing nuclear fire of JusticePointless Vengeance.]
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Now the book thieves arewere on the on the library staff!

Library employees canned for stealing book

As usual, it's "for the children". I've read a couple of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen collections. I'd have to think about whether my 11-year-old should read it, but more because it's very violent than explicit. (Which it is, this is Alan Moore after all, the guy with Alice/Wendy/Dorothy porn or some such. Not to be confused with the good Alice/Wendy/Dorothy comic, which features Ernest Rutherford and thus kicks ass.)

I was relieved to see that the people involved were staff, not librarians, lest they engender the wrath of the several librarians who read this. Still, they should have known better. "Hmm, I followed the objection process and was turned down. Oh, well, I know better than anyone else, I'll just make a unilateral decision on my own." BZZZT! You lose.
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It's been a while since I had any good library follies, so here's one I stumbled onto today:

Library fight riles up city, leads to book-burning demand

Some people are horrified that the Young Adult section of their library has some books that mention Teh Gay. But as usual, instead of monitoring what their kids check out like responsible paranoid nutjob parents, they want to make certain that no kids can get access to these evil books. I guess because they're useless busybodies with too much time on their hands, but maybe that's just my view.

It all turns into a local brouhaha with people lining up on each side, the city council canning a number of library board members for "failing to resolve the problem in a timely manner", and a few loons demanding a good ole book burnin'.

*sigh* Please, nutjobs, it's very simple, really. If you don't like what's in the library, you don't have to go inside. I expect most local libraries have online access, so you can still get the books you want without seeing The Evil That Resides Within. Just go crawl into your hole and leave everyone else alone. Thank you.
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Yesterday I mentioned some book banning in North Dakota, though the story was removed. (Probably because I found it on Fark, so the server may have been overwhelmed. Here's a link to the Savannah, GA paper on the topic. Might have a bit different spin.)

The forces of reason and goodness triumph again: Board pulls a bootlegger reverse.

"Chairman Phil Eastgate said the ban was approved too quickly. He said it left the board open to a lawsuit it likely could not win."

Full article behind cut )
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It may be interesting to see if it stands for long though.

Beulah[N.D.] School Board bans popular 1994 book[Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil]

School board members: "No, we didn't read it. Why would we read a book before banning it. That woud be wrong."

Gah. Clint Eastwood prepares to defend his lawn.

Edit: Don't mess with Eastwood. They already caved.
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This is how you do it:

Dude complains about The Joy of Gay Sex at his library, follows complaint precedure, loses, loses appeal, grumbles to the newspaper.

He does not, so far, steal the book and say "Neener, neener!"

[This is in Montana. That's close enough to Idaho, so your Sen. Craig joke here.]
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We have a new contestant for most obnoxious library patron:

Mom confiscates library's copy of The Book of Bunny Suicides

You can check out our previous nominee here and here. This subject now rates it's own tag for handy reference.
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The Great Maine Smut Crusader (previously mentioned last year) has had her day in court.

I was really hoping that the judge would order a strip search once she admitted she had the book with her in the courtroom. *sigh* Apparently judges in Maine are no fun at all. I do hope she gets to spend some quality time in the local pokey after the time limit runs out tomorrow.
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Today's nominee for Fist of Death recipient is detailed in this article. Someone went to a couple of libraries, checked out It's Perfectly Normal, and now refuses to return them.

[ profile] aelfie brought home this book from the library some years ago. After we read it, we both agreed that our kids will have a copy available at an early age. The book might be described as The Joy of Sex for 6-12 year olds. (Or older, with modern reading comprehension levels.) It's a sexuality manual for kids, illustrated with neat cartoons that are clear without being salacious. The articles are informative, balanced, and well-written. It is a great book.

Obviously the woman in the article disagrees with my assessment. That is her prerogative, and as a responsible parent, she has the right to prevent her children [if any] from checking out the book while she is at the library with them. (You are going to the library with your kids to share in the glories of reading, right?) What she does not have the right to do is unilaterally decide that the book is too dangerous for any other child to see. I decide what is too dangerous for my child to see, not you, bitch. [Hint, short list.]

With the number of librarians on my friends list, I know I'm dropping napalm in the barbeque. I am forced to wonder at the distance between Lewiston and Kennebunk. I know a Militant Librarian in the area to deliver a calm and measured response...


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