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[ profile] aelfie and I watched Star Trek Into Darkness this weekend. Sensitized by the various Cracked notes on the dualities between the first reboot and Star Wars, we were ready to see all of TV Tropes fed into the blender for this one. We were not disappointed. I will now take my inspiration from the style of Andrew Borntreger at and jot down some random notes.

- OK, we're starting off with Raiders of the Lost Ark.
- Ah, here's the Star Wars references - volcano == Episode III.
- Underwater Enterprise. Jaws? No, I predict Summon Bigger Fish => Episode I. ... Heh, Scotty spots the bigger fish!
- If Stifler gets two women at once in the second movie, by gum, Kirk is getting two women at once in the second movie.
- Cameo Alert - Mickey the Tin Dog! Woohoo! But dang, they couldn't even give him a line? Cold.
- The conference table and lighting for this Starfleet Command meeting is the War Room from Dr. Strangelove.
- Hmm, Robocop seems to be channeling General Ripper pretty well.
- Fire hose in a skyscraper? Now we're in Die Hard. And into the jet turbine? The Incredibles.
- Weird torpedoes. OK. Holy crap, Scotty's assistant is totally riding the bomb! Yeee-haw!
- Why are they driving the Millenium Falcon around Kronos? Oh, so they can reproduce the Death Star assault from Episode VI.
- Cloaked dude ninja-ing everything in sight. Pick your Episode and favorite Yoda scene.
- Secret clone armywarship base. Episode II.
- Super-soldier in a force field. That TNG episode with the super-soldier in a force field. Works about as well in each case.
- Hey, Old Spock, did you forget to mention a Khan? Well, I promised not to feed you inappropriate info. However, you said the magic word, so F*** That Noise.
- Zooming among the asteroids? Episode V. In order to get aboard a ship? Wall-E
- Blowing the cargo airlock? TNG-Disaster.
- Jumping around on flying cars? Episode II again. Or Firefly.

Overall, we learn yet again that every single Starfleet admiral should be fed into the warp engines. I still don't understand why they even have that rank. They should just retire them and save everyone the trouble.

Really, a good half the plot is right out of Dr. Strangelove. I admit I did not expect that going in. The role-reversal for the warp engines' repair was a nice touch, though the resolution was strongly telegraphed (see Tin Dog). That saves us two movies, though perhaps Old Spock might have also warned New Spock to pick up a couple of whales the next time they get thrown into the 20th century. This is Star Trek, they're going to end up in the 20th century at some point.

Oh, right, I forgot the most important part:

Orbital Mechanics Does Not Work Like That! Jen started shouting, "That's Bull****!" when the ships fell out of the sky. "We're caught in Earth's gravity well!" Oh, don't even get me started. Standard Orbit my ass.
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