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Yesterday, [ profile] aelfie and I set forth with the three older kids toward San Francisco. A quick lunch at Burger King, then we went to the pre-game workshow for The Barber of Seville for Families. We were joined by [ profile] allanh and his husband, who is a huge classical music geek. In the workshop, we learned a bit about some of the characters, broke into groups to perform little summaries of the major scenes, and learned the finale song. Plus, there were juice and cookies. [Sadly, not punch and pie.] The kids enjoyed this part.

Next, we went to the theater for the opera itself. Since this was "for Families", it was in English, with English supertitles, and sped up by way of Figaro narrating some connective storyline to tie together the scenes. With 4 adults and 3 kids, we were able to interlace them and manage them pretty well. I was on the end next to Ike, so I was a little concerned by his ongoing questions. I was told that all of the kids in the audience were also questioning the proceedings to follow the story, so I guess that's part of the deal.

All three enjoyed themselves, so it was a successful outing. Elli at least has asked when we can go again. Score!

Now for the sour bits. We had seven consecutive seats, but the aisle seat was someone else. After 5 people had stumbled over her to get in, she decided it was time to get out of the way entirely. Hmm, I would have thought that was a good idea in the first place, but I don't know what happened when our group first arrived. She exuded a very put-up attitude every time we went by (for booster seats for the girls or intermission).

The real winner was at intermission. We went to the restrooms, then Jen shared out the granola bar snacks she'd brought. Ike didn't want that. He wanted something from the concession line. Which was already 30 feet long and looped around the available space almost upon itself. OK. I got in the line with him, and we waited.

About 5 minutes into the line, we were still three corners back. A woman with two kids wandered up to one of the corners and started messing with her phone. As we approached the corner, she merged into the line. Um, how about no? Does no work for you? Because it was the only thing that was going to work for me.

I asked her, "Are you with one of the groups who just dropped out?" Two families ahead of her had bailed from the line. "Huh?" she replied. I repeated it again. "No," she said.

"Well, I just saw you merge into the line here, but the end of the line is over there," I said while pointing 10 feet away.

She gathered her indignation. "There's no need to shout, sir! Please calm down! Happy opera!" Then she stormed off with her kids.

Well, that escalated quickly. It was a loud room, so I was trying to speak so she could hear me. Perhaps it appeared as if I was shouting. Plus, when dealing with people, I never remember to factor in that I'm a big galoot. Ms. Manners will be so disappointed in me.

30 seconds later, she returned. "You know, it's The Barber of Seville for Families, not The Barber of Seville for Assholes!" And she turned off again in a huff.

To her retreating back, I called out, "Yes! That would be my point in its entirety!"

Now, I'm not really proud of this incident, since I'm convinced it could have been handled better. I'm not certain how, but I'm confident that a better approach exists. One without permitting line jumping in the process. Ah, well, at least I was assertive.

Ike got some jelly beans, and we returned to the second half of the show.


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