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Sleeping Dogs is yet another of the open-world, gangster-fest games like GTA or Saints Row. This one has just the slightest bit of morally redeeming value though. In this game, you play Wei Shen, an aspiring member of the Sun On Yee triad, the strongest of the gangs controlling Hong Kong. You've just returned to your hometown after a couple of decades in the U.S., where you were a low-level gang member in the SF Bay Area, and now you're going to make your name in your old stomping grounds.

Ah, but in reality, you are an undercover cop. Things got a bit too hot for you in the States, so you've come to Hong Kong to clean up the city. Of course, if you manage to clean up some old personal grudges along the way, well, that's the way things go. Surely you will manage to retain your core identity as a good guy in the midst of your convincing portrayal of a psychopathic gangster. Or is it an act?

This game is part Jackie Chan, part Chow Yun Fat. You spend a good quarter of the game before you ever even see a gun. Up to that point, it's all about the beatdown. Even afterward, guns are the exception. You advance in Cop level, Triad level, Face level, and gain new moves from your childhood martial arts master. Chug soda, drink tea, eat food or get a massage to gain buffs. Buy clothes and cars, win street races, sing karaoke, hijack armored cars, and go on dates with hot ladies that end with a fade to black. Plus lots of other activities.

This is a great game, well worth a play-through.
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