Apr. 19th, 2014

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A couple of months ago Steam had a sale for the entire Far Cry series. I'd had the original Far Cry years ago, but I tried installing it a few months back without success. I've reached the point where all of the 10+ year old games on my shelf are just easier to pick up from Steam or GoG, rather than try to fight them into installing from CD. (I also picked up the Independence War series off GoG. I've tried to get through the first game twice so far, and I will get it eventually. It's just such an awesome space simulator.)

I haven't finished the first game in the FC series yet because it runs by checkpoints. Gah, I hate checkpoints. But Far Cry 2 lets you save at any time. That's the way I like my FPS's.

Um, plot, plot. You've been sent to *mumble*-ania in Africa where a civil war is raging. The Jackal, notorious international arms dealer, is supplying both sides. You must kill The Jackal. Easy. Except you come down with a horrific case of malaria immediately, and when you are able to weakly move about your hotel room, the Kill All Foreigners riot starts up in the capital. You stumble around until rescued by some unsavory dude and put to work.

The missions are all manner of wetwork for one side or the other, the weapons shops (to drive up prices), or the mysterious satellite phone robo-voiced hit jobs. You gather diamonds which permit you to buy access to different weapon types, weapon upgrades, or personal boosts (camo, vehicle repair, increased healing item capacity).

So, basically, you drive around the countryside, shooting almost everything that moves. Not a lot of subtlety, but the different weapons are fun. They're all realistic modern weapons (modern as sometime in the last century). By the end, I tended to wander around with a sniper rife, rocket launcher, and grenade launcher. I like to soften up an area before I walk into it. (I tried the flamethrower for a bit, but it tended to take too long to finish off opponents. Huh.)

Overall, a pretty standard open world sort of thing. I have greater expectations for Far Cry 3, about which I'ver heard good things.


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